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Posts are that easy to read. Images that look great. Freedom Engines are optimised for mobile display, presenting both images and text equally, so they are easy to digest on any platform.

If you are a writer, long text driven posts are not an issue. And if you deal only with imagery? No problem - your images are auto sized, optimised and posted so they always look great.

But if you do both? Easy! Mix any amount of words and text, in any combination you like, and your Freedom Engine will do the rest.


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Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who owns the content?

Anything and everything you place of your Freedom Engine website belongs to you.

Am I restricted as to what I can post?

This is a prickly one! What you can't post may be simpler to explain...

You can not use your Freedom Engine account to post:

- Pornographic material, overt or passive. This does not include artwork (illustrated or photography) that contains nudity, or is artistically sexual in nature.

- Hate speech

- Extremist political views.

- Information of any type that may lead to the construction of harmful, or destructive, materials/mechanisms.

Where is my website hosted?

Freedom Engine is hosted with an ISO 27001 data farm that happens to be Australia's only tier 4 accredited data centre. This ensures the highest level of data security and protection. Also, being hosted in Australia, your account is protected by some of the strongest privacy laws in the world.

What happens if I cancel my account?

If you decide to cancel your Freedom Engine account, if required (in the instances where you do not have copies), all your images will be provided for you to download. All your posts will also be provided as a WordPress xml file, which you can then use to import into any WordPress based site. Once your account data is handed back to you, your account is 'destroyed'.

Do I own my Freedom Engine website?

Not as such. While you own ALL the content you place on it, the website framework remains the property of Freedom Engine, meaning you can not copy, or host it on another server.

Can I buy a Freedom Engine theme and put it on my own server?

The Freedome Engine is made up of several parts in order to work. As such we do not offer Freedom Engine sites as stand alone packages you can buy.

Do I have to update/buy/install anything?

Absolutely not! We maintain all Freedom Engine accounts so you never have to worry about a single thing.

Can I install WordPress plugin 'X'?

We have carefully hand picked and cross tested every element used to build the Freedom Engine platform, both for performance and compatibility. For the sake of ongoing performance, maintenance and security, we do not allow the installation of any additional plugins outside of those we install.

Are there any costs apart from the monthly fee?

None. Our monthly cost is all you pay. We are looking at providing an optional e-commerce extension for Freedom Engine websites, for those that may want to sell artwork etc., but this will come at an additional cost for those that want it.

Do I have to post via email?

Not at all. If you prefer, you can add new posts directly, from within your Freedom Engine site's dashboard. Full details are provided.

Can I add pages?

Freedom Engine websites are designed to be minimal, and in many ways intentionally mimic the typical social media account experience for a visitor. As such, the only editable page available to you is the 'About' page, though the content and length of which is totally up to you.

How much content can I put in a single post?

You can post as much, or as little, content in a post as you like. The only condition is that every post starts with an image but from there, you can go wild!

Can I add video to my posts?

Yes... and no. Via email posting, you can add a link (such as the link YouTudbe provides) to a video, but not send an email post that will show the video directly. If you want to embed a video directly into a post, then you will need to create the post from within your Freedom Engine account. Here are some's really simple!

Can I change colours, fonts etc.?

Apart from picking the (current) 'Light' or 'Dark' themes, no.

As The Freedom Engine has been designed to provide the best and most 'neutral' experience possible for all users, which is why we have developed only two core themes.

Can I share my posts to Twitter/Facebook/Instagram automatically?

Some power users may want to automatically share what they are posting on their Freedom Engine to their social media account/s, meaning when they make a new post it is shared to one or all of their SM accounts automatically.

We have looked at the various options for this sort of integration, both as a function within Freedom Engine and externally. After going through all the available options, we saw that Buffer ( as the best gateway for publishing directly to social media channels from your Freedom Engine account. Note: Posting to Instagram from outside Instagram has been notoriously temperamental due to Instagram's changing policies. Currently Buffer is the best way to do this, though you will require an Instagram 'Business' account).

Your Freedom Engine accounts comes preinstalled with an official Buffer approved plugin allowing you to integrate your Engine with Buffer. You will need to setup a Buffer account in order to use this feature, and for full control, we advise that if you intend to push out to Buffer, you post from within your Freedom Engine site, which will give you complete control over what you post on your SM channels.

Who is behind Freedom Engine?

Pixcom Masthead 116 50

Pixelated Commerce is the name behind Freedom Engine. We've worked in the website/ecommerce space since 1999, both for clients and ourselves and been involved with social media and content generation since the early 00's.

For Freedom Engine, we've joined forces with Velocity Host, to ensure that we have the best and most reliable hosting servers available, as well full 27/7 support.